How to become an Armagnac Baron de Lustrac

After the vinification of the winegrapes, the wines are distilled in the original continuous Armagnac Alambic. The wines are often distilled on the domain, sometimes by travelling distillers who go from domain  to domain. The transparent liquid then is filled in oaken casks of about 420 L , also called pieces. These pieces are made of local oaken wood, the first steps for becoming an Armagnac Baron de Lustrac, and furging its character in the cellars of the Armagnac region.

Ageing process

The pieces are stored in the cellars, where the cellar master surveys the evolution of his treasures. The clear spirit, by the time will get more and more coloured, from pale gold to dark amber or even mahogany. It will loose some degrees, called the Angel’s Share (about 0,5 % vol per year). The aromas coming from the wood and the wines will develop due to the slow oxidation of the Armagnac by the contact with air through the oaken cask.