Armagnac Baron de Lustrac 25 years old – cask strength

This Bas-Armagnac is a blend of two single grape-varieties. The first one is a single grape-variety Baco selected at a Domain from the region “Les Landes”, the second is a single grape-variety “Folle Blanche” from a Domain in “Le Gers”. These two Bas-Armagnacs have been blended in 2016.

The result is an eau-de-vie that develops fine fragrances of “Folle Blanche”, harmoniously surrounded by the strength of Baco.

“Medium deep amber colour. Intense and mature nose showing fine wood, cedar and tobacco with glazed
almond, dried fruit, chocolate and peppery notes. Warm and bold palate with nutty flavours and plenty of
dry spices, harmonious and mature with a long warm finish.” Andreas Larsson, meilleurs sommelier, novembre 2016

Bas-Armagnac Baron de Lustrac 1986

single grape-variety Folle Blanche – Selected at Domaine de Courros

“Medium-deep amber colour, complex and elegant nose, with layers of  sweet fruit, honey and nuts. The palate is on a lighter side, mature polish and elegant, quite sweet andfruity with long persistence, nicely made. ” Andreas Larsson, meilleur sommelier du monde, 2007- Note 93/100

It is rare to find to find an Armagnac, single grape-variety Folle Blanche, also called Piquepoult, because of its fragility.

We still have some bottles at this Domain, and can also offer you the following Vintages : 1973, 1974 and 1989.

1977 Bas-Armagnac Baron de Lustrac

Folle Blanche – Selected at Domaine Notre Dame de Bouït

“Amber colour with copper hue. Discreet and elegant aromas reminiscent of vanilla ans mild spices, rather discreet. On the palate strong and well structured with good length.” Markus del Monego, meilleur sommelier du monde, mars 2013 – Note 90/100

Once again a single grape-variety Folle Blanche, a very harmonious eau-de-vie, that will enlight your celebrations.

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L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération.